The Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission approved an official logo at its April meeting. The logo, which features crossed swords overlaying the diamond and stars of the Arkansas state flag, will be used on ACWSC materials and for ACWSC-sanctioned events.

The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program submitted a Preserve America grant seeking $100,000 to establish a historic marker program for the ACWSC to designate Civil War-related sites around the state. The grant request includes funding for a plan on how to create a marker program and it is hoped that an ACWSC program would lead to a permanent historic marker program for Arkansas, which currently does not have one.

The ACWSC will seek a General Improvement Fund grant for $716,630 over the two years for historical markers, battlefield preservation, grants for local observances and planning, publications, and a kick-off event for the Sesquicentennial. The request will be considered by the 2010 General Assembly when it meets in January.

At the request of the ACWSC, a group of historians, preservationists, and Civil War enthusiasts met on May 19 to identify areas of Arkansas Civil War history that would benefit from additional research between now and the end of the Sesquicentennial. The list of topics and projects that should be of the highest priority is listed below:

Topics relating to Arkansas Civil War history that need additional focused research:

  1. Experiences of civilians (displacement and destruction, demographic and social effects); Arkansas    in the Civil War as opposed to the Civil War in Arkansas
  2. African-American soldiers in Arkansas
  3. The naval war in Arkansas
  4. Arkansas Unionism and Arkansas’s Union soldiers
  5. The motivations that led Arkansawyers to choose sides: It’s more complicated than Secessionists vs. Unionists
  6. The legacy of the Civil War in Arkansas: How it shaped us as a people and how it is viewed today.

   Projects that should be actively pursued up to and during the Sesquicentennial:

  1. Collate the Arkansas Slave Narratives to emphasize the Civil War years
  2. Republish the Arkansas Adjutant General’s Report
  3. Compile Civil War articles from the Arkansas Historical Quarterly
  4. Gather and publish maps and illustrations of Civil War Arkansas
  5. Reprint Margaret Ross’s Chronicles of Arkansas
  6. Compile letters from soldiers that appeared in newspapers, including letters from Union soldiers to their  hometowns in the North; the latter can provide an outsider’s view of the state
  7. Annotate and publish Civil War-period letters.